Who is Accelerate RX Today

Kelly Durrer

Kelly Durrer

So who is really behind this company?  Is it a huge corporate disguised as a small startup? Is it a startup disguised as secret huge company?  Well to be direct we are none of the above, who we are is people just like you!  Trying to keep up with the demands of life while maintaining some sort of physical activity or daily workout routine.  For us, we ride bicycles.  And we run, go to the gym, eat healthy, try to stay routine with yoga classes and meditate.

We work, we travel, we are on planes across the country and driving between cities.  With diverse backgrounds in our professions, we make for a perfect team.

Kelly Durrer has been a long time sports enthusiast, who at the age of 8 was racing quarter midgets that her dad built.  She went on to play soccer and any sport that she could until she discovered bicycling. This was after she did her first marathon and triathlon.  At first it was about just building up to do occasional century rides with Team in Training, then she became a coach. After riding fast for fun she turned back to her inner child and started racing again, but this time Cyclo-Cross.  Racing in the different environments of road, grass, gravel, and mud was like the best play day ever, and it showed in her first place tie of the series that year.

But like all of us Kelly wanted something more, just a little added energy to finish that hard training ride, to find something she didn’t feel jittery on, something not just full of hyped up marketing and unnecessary fillers.   It was then that she was introduced to Accelerate RX, Rev-it and Renew-it.  Her rides suddenly took on a new turn of focus and vitality.  Without the early stages of leg burn, and muscle cramping, she found it much easier to make a good strong finish. Staying rehydrated with Renew-it during workouts also allowed her to speed her recovery time.  You can follow the advance she makes with her riding and continued training in upcoming blog post.


Jesse Layman

Jesse Layman, also known as Chef, has been in the restaurant business for over 22 years.  As a chef, he worked throughout the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Baja Mexico, Utah and as a private chef.  In 2012, he was finding that life was passing him by, as his three daughters were growing up without him.  He decided it was time to make a change, but after 22 years, working six to seven days a week, 14 hours plus a day, what do you do.  He always used work as a badge of honor, but his health was showing the strain of the extended stress; some call it burnout.

Passionate about food, sustainability and health, Jesse decided to focus on helping others with their food and creating a healthy lifestyle.  He attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition becoming a certified Health and Wellness coach.  This opened a whole new way of thought surrounding nutrition and his approach to cooking.  He changed his own diet, and began training for Ironman triathlons and marathons.  The gym was the beginning of every day and endurance training was the end of every day. Again, burnout!  So researching and using all different types of supplements, just trying to keep that competitive edge, he found a lot of what didn’t work.  He began riding bicycles with a local team, just to stay in shape, and was introduced to Team in Training for a century ride.  He decided to race a season of Cyclo-Cross, just to say he still had it, but the aches and pains of life were taking their toll.  Kelly introduced him to Accelerate-RX and this was just the edge he was looking for.  He is back training for the TNT century and the upcoming season of Cyclo-Cross, and before fifty he will complete his first Ironman.

As you see we are just normal people with busy lives, full-time jobs, and kids, eating healthy and working out to stay competitive in life.  We believe in what Accelerate RX is and what it can do for you, like it has for us.  What you can expect from us is new recipes, food ideas, workouts and training ideas, encouragement, motivation and a commitment to the ongoing quality of Rev-it and Renew-it for your everyday.  Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments, and be sure to follow us on our blog and our social media sites for more great things to come.

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