The Science

If you are like most people, you probably care about your health and fitness, even if you haven’t quite figured it all out yet.  You try to lead a healthier lifestyle and look for ways to feel and look better.

Look at this list.  Are these the types of lifestyle values that you want?
  • You participate in a regular fitness routine that gets you moving physically.
  • You energetically approach the day with focus and concentration
  • You eat a balanced and nutritious diet rich with minimally processed fresh foods.
  • You limit heavily refined or artificially sweetened and colored foods and beverages.

We think that your fitness supplements should align with your lifestyle values.

Read on for more about how Rev-it and Renew-it can support your lifestyle, fitness and nutrition.

#1 : Specifically designed to enhance athletic performance and jumpstart sustained recovery

Our formulas are designed by a physician to improve performance for every athlete or fitness enthusiast. Whether you want to run longer, cycle faster, sweat harder, life more, or just have the same energy you had yesterday, Rev-it and Renew-it are for you. Athletes tell us that taking Rev-it before a workout improves their capacity, endurance, strength, power, and overall performance. They report that Renew-it during and after a workout reduces their muscle soreness, speeds up their recovery, and gives them sustained energy long after the hardest workout ends.

#2 : All Natural, paleo friendly, low glycemic index

We know that you care what you put into your body. While other pre-workout and recovery drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors, Rev-it and Renew-it use naturally occurring ingredients that promote your health. Their beautiful, vibrant colors come from naturally pigmented ingredients, like beet powder, quercetin and turmeric. The refreshing and lightly sweetened flavor comes from natural, low glycemic index sweeteners like organic coconut sugar, agave inulin and stevia.

#3 : Convenient, practical, evenly mixed and pre-measured.

Our individual single serving packages are made for your active and fast-paced lifestyle. You fit your workout into a busy life – from family and home, to work, to travel – and your fitness supplements should fit that too. Take your packet with you and mix the powder in any glass, water bottle, or shaker bottle. Our packaging also stems from our founder’s scientific training. Individual packets insure:

  • Consistent mixing for the same awesome results every time.
  • Protection from air, moisture and light, which can all degrade sensitive ingredients.

#4 : Reduced Environmental Impact

Use your own reusable water bottle to mix your Rev-it and Renew-it, and no bottles and cans will go into landfills. Our sweeteners are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Organic natural coconut sugar, agave inulin, and stevia are not only better for your health, but they come from renewable resources that take only 20% of the land needed for common sugars.