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12 April 2016

Paleo Diet; does eating like a caveman work?

This is an ongoing debate I hear constantly, “Paleo, oh it’s just a fad”, “Eating that much meat can’t really be good for you” and there are many more than we have space (or attention) to list.  But, what does science really say about it and what does it do?  An article from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently said that the Paleo Diet can improve Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms.

Think about it, from a time of eating natural foods, nuts,berries, lean grass fed meat and fish to a now; when we are eating more foods that are calorie-dense, high in fat, processed and excessive amounts of grains.  Look at your local favorite restaurant, and the other food choices we have available to us that are over-sized and typically unhealthy.

What is metabolic syndrome?  This is a list of risk factors that include abdominal fat deposition, abnormal blood fats, high blood pressure and insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.  Researchers from Bahrain and the Netherlands showed that the caveman diet improved the afore mentioned. This was made up of four well controlled studies of 159 people. People consuming the Paleolithic diet showed decreases in the waist circumference, blood fats adn blood sugar compared to people consuming a normal diet.

The critics of the Paleolithic diet point out that the diets of our ancient ancestors varied greatly from place to place.  Keep in mind that this lifestyle is not for everyone, but if it can help with these problematic areas along with a good workout regiment, it could be worth a try.