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A Product Born From a Need

My name is Jennifer Hunt. I began my fitness journey three years ago. I had three kids and was probably in the worst shape of my life. My career as a physician and chair of a department of pathology at an academic medical center had me trying to juggle the demands of work and home, and exercise was very low on my list of priorities. Consequently, I was overweight, sluggish, uncomfortable, and suffered aching joints from morning to night.

One late December day in 2011, my colleagues and I were celebrating the promotion of three of my faculty members, and a friend took our picture and texted it to me. It was an eye-opener. It showed my smiling face in a body twice the size of the other people in the picture. And, so I became one of those millions pf people who resolve in the New Year to become more fit. As we all know, most of them lose their resolve within a month or so and remain twice the size of everyone around them.

I started December 26th with a one mile jog around my neighborhood in size 18 leggings. I made slow and steady progress towards better health over the next few months. But, when I joined a Crossfit Box in our town, quite a commitment for someone like me, the results came fast and furious. Over the next year, as I learned to eat clean and work out hard, I went down to a size 6. But, more importantly, I became strong and capable, the only pain coming from hard workouts. I was able to outrun my kids which is not exactly true, but at least they stopped lapping me! And, I haven’t looked back.

I continue to WOD five days a week, do yoga, run for fun, and have new stretch goals such as running a half marathon this year.   I am still the mother of three kids, still run a department and have an active career in medicine, with more to accomplish in any given day than I have time for.   But, I also make time for my workout every day just for me and my health. I am not a competitive athlete, I am not super strong, and I rarely have the best time on the whiteboard. I remain steadfastly and contentedly average and satisfied I will never achieve much more. I am, after all, a forty-something year old female with a desk and laboratory job.

Because of my average-ness, I used to laugh when my friends talked about taking their pre-workout and post-workout protein, recovery drinks and supplements. After all, what does Jennifer Average, a mediocre recreational Crossfitter, need with those products? But , my medical training caused me to avoid what the philosopher Spencer called, “contempt prior to investigation,” and so I did explore their products a little bit.

What I found shocked me: most of those products contain things that we normally should probably stay far away from! For the most part, they avoid refined sugar and artificial sweeteners in their food, but they ignore those actions in their supplements. While they might shun chemical additives and toxins, they often tolerate unknown and even banned ingredients in their supplements. Believe me, the results were clear for anyone willing to do the research; my medical training was of almost no use. I simply Googled ingredient after ingredient and became convinced I would not want to put those substances into my body! And, so began my research and adventure in perfecting a clean supplement that produces results for those interested in performance and recovery.

I next used my medical background to research medical literature to hand-pick ingredients for my supplements that are bioactive, come from natural sources or are naturally occurring, and that seem to produce positive effects without negative side effects and contribute to overall health and well-being. I selected them based on three criteria—medical evidence, such as existed, anecdotal evidence drawn from my experience and the experience of my friends, and common sense; after all, even a rabbit knows a carrot pulled from the ground is better for him than a candied carrot out of a can.

By carefully formulating my products to balance energy and mental focus, to enhance muscle building and strength, and to optimize hydration and repair, I came up with both a pre-workout and a recovery drink that are so effective that I had friends begging me to manufacture them.   Competitive athletes began asking me for product to train for big upcoming events, or to use to optimize their daily routines.   I was truly amazed that they works so well for these athlete-machines.

But, let’s be perfectly clear: I didn’t create Rev-it and Renew-it with these super-athletes in mind. I created them for me! These are my supplements. I am still just an average, every-day fitness enthusiast who wants to eat clean, workout hard, and get the most out of every minute of life. I take Rev-it before every workout and I feel great. I drink Renew-it during and after every workout and and I feel great. These products are for every fitness enthusiast out there, whether you are wearing yourself out on a trail riding a bike, sweating several liters during hot yoga, training for your own first running race, or remaining a faithful Crossfitter.