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12 February 2015

61 Reasons Why I CrossFit

1.  So I can toss my heavy carry on into an overhead compartment
2.  Turkey HandstandSo I can do handstand pictures around the world (photo: Istanbul, Turkey)
3.  So that I can always pull the last molecule of energy from my reserves
4.  So everything else in my day seems easier
5.  So I’m forced to work on the things I hate
6.  So people say “you’re hardcore” (to this 43-year old mother of three)
7.  So I can tell the wellness nurse that I can bench press her (after she says my BMI is a little high)
8.  So I can have a box jump contest on a stone wall in the park with my kid
9.  So I get raised eyebrows doing pull-ups in hotel gyms
10.  So I will be stronger at 50 than I was at 20
11.  So I can feel the pride of meeting goals, even if they are small
Slide112.  So I can get in a double under workout anywhere
13.  So I can learn to enjoy a failed attempt
14.  So that I learn to use the adrenalin from hearing “3-2-1-go”
15.  So that I can look right and look left, and see people pushing as hard as me
16.  So that I will learn that I can always finish
17.  So that I will always give more even after I think there is no more to give
18.  So that I stop getting mad about brick walls and start climbing
19.  So that I learn the value and promise of small incremental gains
20.  So that I can help lift a car in an emergency
21.  Slide7So I never waste a pre-workout pump
22.  So my jeans don’t fit over my butt and gap at the waist
23.  So that my kids see me as strong and tough
24.  So I learn to lose gracefully and with dignity
25.  So I learn that being last isn’t losing
26.  So nobody has to help me carry something heavy
27.  So that any other exercise class will seem easy
28.  So I can sprint from F gates to C gates at Chicago O’hare airport and not miss my connection
29.  Slide4So that I will always hear someone cheering for me in my darkest moments
30.  So that I can stay fit and healthy until I’m 100 years old
31.  So that I can drop into a box anywhere in the world and still speak the language.
32.  So that I can learn to be proud of every score I put on the whiteboard
33.  So I learn to count…everything…everywhere.
34.  So I will have accountability to show up, even on a bad day
35.  So that I can love the humility of learning something new
36.  So that I can ski, run, wake-board, hike, ride, swim, skateboard, jump, or whatever!
37.  So that my muscles remind me how hard I worked yesterday
38.  Slide6So I can experience what maximal effort feels like and use it all day
39.  So that a bad day can get better
40.  So that I can learn my own limits and scale appropriately
41.  So that I can learn my own limits and push them
42.  So I become comfortable with pictures of myself
43.  So I learn to be coachable
44.  So that I can out-perform a young man on the same day I’m out-performed by a grandmother.
45.  So I learn to substitute “I’ll try” for  “I can’t”
46.  So I can learn to be comfortable with vulnerability
47.  So I can spend 1 hour with friends, whether I’m at my own box or dropping in.Slide3
48.  So I can crush the little voice inside my head
49.  So that I learn how to correct bad habits
50.  So I stop making excuses and empty promises
51.  So I learn to not substitute things I like for things I don’t like
52.  So I don’t care what I look like sweaty
53.  So I can have awesome Facebook friends
54.  So I can learn to tamp down nervous anticipation
55.  So I can learn what friendly competition means
56.  So I can change my shoes 3 times during one workout Slide5
57.  So that l learn not to cry from frustration
58.  So I experience the rewards of really hard work
59.  So I see how my performance helps push others
60.  So I can say “I CrossFit”
61.  Because I can.