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Rev-it is a pre-workout supplement designed to enhance athletic performance and endurance during your workout regimen and to jumpstart the recovery process to increase your capacity.



Renew-it is a nutritional supplement designed for athletes who desire to jumpstart recovery during and after their workouts with ingredients that support the immune system to improve repair and healing.


The Most Natural Way to Add Power, Focus, Endurance, Healing and Recovery to Your Everyday Fitness

The First All-Natural Pre-Workout and Recovery Drinks.

At Accelerate RX, we believe that every athlete deserves all-natural workout supplements to deliver the mental focus, strenth, power, and endurance for optimal performance and the repair, regeneration, and energy for optimal recovery.

Our Supplements are Designed for Every Athlete

But, let’s be clear about who we define as an athlete. You are an athlete if you...

Sweat in a zumba class
or boxing match

Walk a Couple of Miles or Run 26.2 miles

Compete in a Crossfit Competition or an Ultimate Frisbee Match

Ride a Stationary Bike or Race a Road Bike

Do a Burnout Set on Bench Press or Do a Set of Sun Salutations

Accelerate Today

Rev-it and Renew-it has transformed our fitness routine. When introduced to Accelerate RX, we were weekend warriors! Riding hard on Saturdays, playing on Sundays; hitting the gym, hiking, whatever we could do to fill the day with fun and fitness and then seriously paying for it all on Monday. Since adding Rev-it and Renew-it to our diet we find the energy through Rev-it to get a ride or workout in during the week and taking Renew-it daily has rid us of the Monday morning blues.

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